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Mattress Protector

Mattress Protector

Alea’s new and luxurious Health Mattress Protector. Create a healthy sleeping environment by protecting yourself and your mattress. The AleaSleep™ Mattress Protector is treated with powerful self cleaning silver technology.

  • Helps eliminate odours
  • Durable protection that lasts well over 100 washes
  • Luxurious/Soft/Waterproof
"When you think about the bacteria buildup in a bed, a mattress protector is a no brainer"

Lily C.

"It really doesnt affect the temperature or comfort of the mattress at all"

Maggie C.

Product specs

  • Terry Cloth Top (80% Cotton, 20% Polyester)
  • Self-Cleaning Silver Technology
  • Durable protection that lasts well over 100 washes
  • Helps eliminate odours
  • Hypoallergenic
  • WaterProof
  • Stain Resistant

38″ x 75″

60″ x 80″

54″ x 75″

76″ x 80″


We ship via FedEx standard In Canada and the United States from warehouse’s in each country.

Complete your purchase with the Duvet Cover Set.

Free Delivery


Free Return


101 night trial


1 year warranty



What is the mattress protector made of?

The protector has a Terry Cloth top to protect from damage and is a combination of cotton and polyester.

Is the mattress protector padded?

No, the protector is just a thin sheet for damage protection purposes.

Will the mattress protector make me sleep hot?

No it will not. It is just a thin sheet which is breathable while providing full protection for your mattress.

Is the mattress protector liquid proof?

Yes the terry cloth top insures that no liquid will leak through.

Starting at $79
4 sizes available